Happy Birthday GIFs transformed into videos with music

Seeking a Happy Birthday GIF with sound? Explore our library boasting 1200+ short videos. We've converted all of our GIFs into sound-enhanced musical clips. Download freely and effortlessly share on messaging or social platforms.
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Glossy colorful balloons, happy birthday cake and popping up golden text

Wishing you love, success and happiness on your birthday

Bold neon colors and iridescent glowy smoke cartoon-style Happy Birthday cake

Funny cat in a beautiful suit waving a sparkler

Colorful happy birthday text and dancing cat

White cream birthday cake with fresh juicy berries, lit candles and festive fireworks

Super bright and colorful typography and fireworks explosions

I am so excited to wish you a happy birthday! Three jumping emoticons.

Colorful video showcases a vibrant cake with rainbow frosting, sprinkles, and cheerful Happy Birthday text

Funny cat dancing near a birthday cake

Cartoon-style daisies with smiley faces HBD video

Rainbow particles and colorful happy birthday lettering

Today's your chance to make a wish! Wishing you a happy and wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! May all your wishes and desires come true.

Wishing you a day as vibrant and colorful as you are!

Vanilla happy birthday cake adorned with red roses

Hope you have the coolest birthday!

Beautiful bouquet of spring flowers on a black background and shimmer effect

Funny dancing cat and rainbow birthday cake

White creme happy birthday muffin topper and a lit sparkler

Bursting with colors happy birthday iridescent letters typography and rainbow fireworks

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake with Candles and Fireworks

Golden balloons and glitter happy birthday video

Elegant bouquet of orange roses and summer flowers happy birthday video card with music

Hand drawn rainbow happy birthday cake and animated confetti

Beautiful bouquet of pink flowers and a happy birthday cake with lit candles

2D to 3D dynamic transition happy birthday video with animated multicolor stars fountain

Birthday cake and flying up festive balloons

Animation with colorful balloons and rainbow text - Happy Birthday

Cute kawaii cat with a birthday cake. Wishing you a purr-fectly delightful birthday!

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