Happy Birthday GIFs with Name

Welcome to our collection of personalized Happy Birthday GIF Images with Name! Make birthdays extra special with our animations, featuring your loved one's name. With over 15,000 popular names (according to Social Security Administration (SSA)) available, explore a diverse range of vibrant and celebratory GIFs, perfect for sharing heartfelt wishes. Download and send these free animations to make someone's day truly special, with some even offering short video versions accompanied by delightful sound and music. Here is several examples:

Celebrate Charlotte's birthday with a GIF featuring chocolate cake, a lit sparkler, and golden stars
Animated Happy Birthday Cake with Name Edit and Burning Candles
Happy Birthday Violet - Lovely Animated GIF
Wishing You A Happy Birthday, Milo! Best fireworks GIF animated greeting card
Amazing Animated GIF Image for Ava with Birthday Cake and Fireworks
Happy Birthday Card for Avery - Download GIF and Send for Free
Funny Happy Birthday Theo GIF
Cute cosmic cat with a birthday cake for Emma surrounded by a shimmering array of rainbow stars
Happy Birthday GIF for Liam with Birthday Cake and Lit Candles
Happy birthday gif for Noah with cat and cake
Happy Birthday James - Colorful Animated Floating Balloons Birthday Card
Beautiful Birthday Flowers Card for Olivia with Animated Butterflies

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Feminine given names

7785 names in alphabetical order:
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Top1000 most popular girl names:

A birthday cake with animated candles - simple lines vector greeting card for Anna A: Aadhya   Aaliyah   Abby   Abigail   Abril   Ada   Adaline   Adalyn   Adalynn   Addilyn   Addilynn   Addison   Addisyn   Addyson   Adelaide   Adele   Adelina   Adeline   Adelyn   Adelynn   Adilynn   Adley   Adriana   Adrianna   Adrienne   Ailani   Aileen   Ainsley   Aisha   Aitana   Aiyana   Alaia   Alaina   Alana   Alani   Alanna   Alannah   Alaya   Alayah   Alayna   Aleah   Aleena   Alejandra   Alena   Alessandra   Alessia   Alexa   Alexandra   Alexandria   Alexia   Alexis   Alia   Aliana   Alice   Alicia   Alina   Alisa   Alisha   Alison   Alivia   Aliya   Aliyah   Aliza   Allie   Allison   Allyson   Alma   Alondra   Alora   Alyson   Alyssa   Amalia   Amanda   Amani   Amara   Amari   Amaris   Amaya   Amayah   Amber   Amelia   Amelie   Amia   Amina   Aminah   Amira   Amirah   Amiya   Amiyah   Amora   Amy   Ana   Anabelle   Anahi   Analia   Anastasia   Anaya   Andi   Andrea   Angel   Angela   Angelica   Angelina   Angelique   Angie   Anika   Aniya   Aniyah   Anna   Annabel   Annabella   Annabelle   Annalee   Annalise   Anne   Annie   Annika   Ansley   Antonella   Anya   April   Arabella   Aranza   Arely   Ari   Aria   Ariadne   Ariah   Ariana   Arianna   Ariel   Ariella   Arielle   Ariya   Ariyah   Armani   Arya   Aryanna   Ashley   Ashlyn   Ashlynn   Aspen   Astrid   Athena   Aubree   Aubrey   Aubrie   Aubriella   Aubrielle   Audrey   Audrina   Aurelia   Aurora   Autumn   Ava   Avah   Avalyn   Avalynn   Averi   Averie   Avery   Aviana   Avianna   Aya   Ayla   Ayleen   Aylin   Azalea   Azariah  
See all 2165 names

Hand-drawn happy birthday cake adorned with an arch of colorful balloons on a black background with animated glitter - name GIF for Bella B: Bailee   Bailey   Barbara   Baylee   Beatrice   Belen   Bella   Belle   Bethany   Bexley   Bianca   Blair   Blaire   Blake   Blakely   Bonnie   Braelyn   Braelynn   Braylee   Breanna   Brenda   Brenna   Bria   Briana   Brianna   Briar   Bridget   Briella   Brielle   Brinley   Bristol   Brittany   Brooke   Brooklyn   Brooklynn   Brylee   Brynlee   Brynn  
See all 672 names

C: Cadence   Cali   Callie   Calliope   Cameron   Camila   Camilla   Camille   Camryn   Cara   Carla   Carlee   Carly   Carmen   Carolina   Caroline   Carolyn   Carter   Casey   Cassandra   Cassidy   Cataleya   Catalina   Catherine   Caylee   Cecelia   Cecilia   Celeste   Celia   Celine   Chana   Chanel   Charlee   Charleigh   Charley   Charli   Charlie   Charlotte   Chaya   Chelsea   Cheyenne   Chloe   Christina   Christine   Claire   Clara   Clare   Clarissa   Claudia   Clementine   Colette   Collins   Cora   Coraline   Corinne   Courtney   Crystal   Cynthia  
See all 811 names

A delightful Kawaii cupcake hitched to colorful balloons birthday card for Diana D: Dahlia   Daisy   Dakota   Dalary   Daleyza   Dallas   Dana   Danica   Daniela   Daniella   Danielle   Danna   Daphne   Davina   Dayana   Deborah   Delaney   Delilah   Demi   Desiree   Destiny   Diana   Dorothy   Dream   Dulce   Dylan  
See all 590 names

E: Eden   Edith   Egypt   Eileen   Elaina   Elaine   Eleanor   Elena   Eliana   Elianna   Elisa   Elisabeth   Elise   Eliza   Elizabeth   Ella   Elle   Ellen   Elliana   Ellianna   Ellie   Elliot   Elliott   Ellis   Ellison   Eloise   Elora   Elsa   Elsie   Elyse   Ember   Emberly   Emelia   Emely   Emerald   Emerie   Emerson   Emersyn   Emery   Emilee   Emilia   Emily   Emma   Emmaline   Emmalyn   Emmalynn   Emmeline   Emmie   Emmy   Emory   Ensley   Erica   Erika   Erin   Esme   Esmeralda   Esperanza   Estella   Estelle   Esther   Estrella   Eva   Evalyn   Evangeline   Eve   Evelyn   Evelynn   Everlee   Everleigh   Everly   Evie  
See all 792 names

F: Faith   Fatima   Faye   Felicity   Fernanda   Finley   Fiona   Florence   Frances   Francesca   Frankie   Freya   Frida  
See all 287 names

Beautiful bouquet of orange and red roses for Gabriella, golden inscription and twinkling stars G: Gabriela   Gabriella   Gabrielle   Galilea   Gemma   Genesis   Genevieve   Georgia   Gia   Giana   Gianna   Giovanna   Giselle   Giuliana   Gloria   Grace   Gracelyn   Gracelynn   Gracie   Greta   Guadalupe   Gwen   Gwendolyn  
See all 287 names

H: Hadassah   Hadlee   Hadleigh   Hadley   Hailee   Hailey   Haley   Halle   Hallie   Hana   Hanna   Hannah   Harlee   Harleigh   Harley   Harlow   Harmoni   Harmony   Harper   Hattie   Haven   Hayden   Haylee   Hayley   Hazel   Heaven   Heavenly   Heidi   Helen   Helena   Henley   Holland   Holly   Hope   Hunter  
See all 461 names

I: Iliana   Imani   India   Ingrid   Irene   Iris   Isabel   Isabela   Isabella   Isabelle   Isla   Itzayana   Itzel   Ivanna   Ivory   Ivy   Izabella  
See all 349 names

Birthday wishes to Jane with a charming GIF featuring pink roses, butterflies and golden quote J: Jacqueline   Jada   Jade   Jaelyn   Jaelynn   Jaliyah   Jamie   Jana   Jane   Janelle   Janessa   Janiyah   Jasmine   Jaycee   Jayda   Jayde   Jayden   Jayla   Jaylah   Jaylee   Jayleen   Jaylene   Jazlyn   Jazlynn   Jazmin   Jazmine   Jemma   Jenna   Jennifer   Jenny   Jessa   Jessica   Jessie   Jewel   Jillian   Jimena   Joanna   Jocelyn   Joelle   Johanna   Jolene   Jolie   Jordan   Jordyn   Joselyn   Josephine   Josie   Joslyn   Journee   Journey   Joy   Joyce   Judith   Julia   Juliana   Julianna   Julie   Juliet   Julieta   Juliette   Julissa   June   Juniper   Jurnee   Justice  
See all 719 names

K: Kadence   Kaelyn   Kai   Kaia   Kailani   Kailee   Kailey   Kailyn   Kairi   Kaitlyn   Kaiya   Kalani   Kali   Kaliyah   Kallie   Kamila   Kamryn   Kara   Karen   Karina   Karla   Karlee   Karlie   Karsyn   Karter   Kassandra   Kassidy   Katalina   Kate   Katelyn   Katherine   Kathleen   Kathryn   Katie   Kaya   Kaydence   Kayla   Kaylani   Kaylee   Kayleigh   Kaylie   Kaylin   Kehlani   Keira   Kelly   Kelsey   Kendall   Kendra   Kenia   Kenley   Kenna   Kennedi   Kennedy   Kensley   Kenya   Kenzie   Keyla   Khaleesi   Khloe   Kiana   Kiara   Kiera   Kimber   Kimberly   Kimora   Kinley   Kinslee   Kinsley   Kira   Kora   Kori   Kristina   Kyla   Kylee   Kyleigh   Kylie   Kynlee   Kyra  
See all 1046 names

Personalized for Lisa elegant birthday cake adorned with rainbow sprinkles, colorful candles and glitter L: Lacey   Laila   Lailah   Lainey   Lana   Landry   Laney   Lara   Laura   Laurel   Lauren   Lauryn   Layla   Laylah   Lea   Leah   Leanna   Legacy   Leia   Leighton   Leila   Leilani   Lena   Lennon   Lennox   Leona   Leslie   Lexi   Lexie   Leyla   Lia   Liana   Liberty   Lila   Lilah   Lilian   Liliana   Lilianna   Lilith   Lillian   Lilliana   Lillianna   Lillie   Lilly   Lily   Lilyana   Lina   Linda   Lindsey   Lisa   Liv   Livia   Lizbeth   Logan   Lola   London   Londyn   Lorelai   Lorelei   Louisa   Louise   Lucia   Luciana   Lucille   Lucy   Luella   Luna   Lyanna   Lydia   Lyla   Lylah   Lyra   Lyric  
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Heart shaped bouquet of pink roses birthday card for Maria M: Mabel   Maci   Macie   Mackenzie   Macy   Madalyn   Madalynn   Maddison   Madeleine   Madeline   Madelyn   Madelynn   Madilyn   Madilynn   Madison   Madisyn   Mae   Maeve   Magdalena   Maggie   Magnolia   Maia   Maisie   Makayla   Makenna   Makenzie   Malani   Malaya   Malaysia   Maleah   Malia   Maliah   Maliyah   Mallory   Mara   Maren   Margaret   Margot   Maria   Mariah   Mariam   Mariana   Marianna   Marie   Marilyn   Marina   Marissa   Marjorie   Marlee   Marleigh   Marley   Marlowe   Martha   Mary   Maryam   Matilda   Mavis   Maxine   Maya   Mckenna   Mckenzie   Mckinley   Meadow   Megan   Meilani   Melania   Melanie   Melany   Melina   Melissa   Melody   Mercy   Meredith   Mia   Miah   Micah   Michaela   Michelle   Mikaela   Mikayla   Mila   Milan   Milana   Milani   Milena   Miley   Millie   Mina   Mira   Miracle   Miranda   Miriam   Miya   Molly   Monica   Monroe   Monserrat   Morgan   Mya   Myah   Myla   Mylah   Myra  
See all 1285 names

Multicolor fireworks on a black background birthday card for Nataly N: Nadia   Nala   Nalani   Nancy   Naomi   Natalia   Natalie   Nataly   Natasha   Nathalia   Nathalie   Naya   Nayeli   Nevaeh   Nia   Nicole   Nina   Noa   Noelle   Noemi   Nola   Noor   Nora   Norah   Nova   Novalee   Nyla   Nylah  
See all 542 names

O: Oaklee   Oakley   Oaklyn   Oaklynn   Octavia   Olive   Olivia   Opal   Ophelia  
See all 205 names

P: Paige   Paislee   Paisleigh   Paisley   Paityn   Paloma   Paola   Paris   Parker   Patricia   Paula   Paulina   Payton   Pearl   Penelope   Penny   Perla   Peyton   Phoebe   Phoenix   Piper   Poppy   Presley   Princess   Priscilla  
See all 361 names

Q: Quinn  
See all 47 names

White creme birthday cupcake with lit multicolor candles on a blue bokeh background - greeting card for Rachel R: Rachel   Raegan   Raelyn   Raelynn   Raina   Ramona   Raquel   Raven   Raylee   Rayna   Rayne   Reagan   Rebecca   Rebekah   Reese   Regina   Reign   Reina   Remi   Remington   Remy   Renata   Renee   Reyna   Rhea   Riley   River   Rivka   Riya   Romina   Rory   Rosa   Rosalie   Rosalyn   Rose   Roselyn   Rosemary   Rosie   Rowan   Royal   Royalty   Ruby   Ruth   Ryan   Ryann   Rylan   Rylee   Ryleigh   Rylie  
See all 649 names

An animated birthday card for Scarlett, chocolate birthday cake, candles, bursts of fireworks on a black background S: Saanvi   Sabrina   Sadie   Sage   Saige   Salma   Samantha   Samara   Samira   Sandra   Saoirse   Sara   Sarah   Sarai   Sariah   Sariyah   Sasha   Savanna   Savannah   Sawyer   Saylor   Scarlet   Scarlett   Scarlette   Selah   Selena   Selene   Serena   Serenity   Shelby   Shiloh   Siena   Sienna   Sierra   Simone   Sky   Skye   Skyla   Skylar   Skyler   Sloan   Sloane   Sofia   Sonia   Sophia   Sophie   Spencer   Stella   Stephanie   Stevie   Summer   Sunny   Susan   Sutton   Sydney   Sylvia   Sylvie  
See all 1024 names

T: Talia   Taliyah   Tara   Tatiana   Tatum   Taylor   Teagan   Tegan   Tenley   Teresa   Tessa   Thalia   Thea   Tiana   Tiffany   Tinley   Tinsley   Tori   Treasure   Trinity  
See all 581 names

U: Uma  
See all 93 names

V: Vada   Valentina   Valeria   Valerie   Vanessa   Veda   Vera   Veronica   Victoria   Vienna   Violet   Virginia   Vivian   Viviana   Vivienne  
See all 227 names

W: Whitney   Willa   Willow   Winter   Wren   Wynter  
See all 110 names

X: Ximena   Xiomara  
See all 70 names

Y: Yamileth   Yara   Yareli   Yaretzi  
See all 207 names

Z: Zahra   Zainab   Zaniyah   Zara   Zaria   Zariah   Zariyah   Zaylee   Zelda   Zendaya   Zion   Zoe   Zoey   Zoie   Zuri  
See all 300 names

Masculine given names

7054 names in alphabetical order:
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Top1000 most popular boy names:

A: Aaden   Aarav   Aaron   Abdiel   Abdullah   Abel   Abraham   Abram   Ace   Achilles   Adam   Adan   Aden   Adonis   Adrian   Adriel   Adrien   Agustin   Ahmad   Ahmed   Aidan   Aiden   Alan   Alaric   Albert   Alberto   Alden   Aldo   Alec   Alejandro   Alessandro   Alex   Alexander   Alexis   Alexzander   Alfonso   Alfred   Alfredo   Ali   Alijah   Alistair   Allan   Allen   Alonso   Alonzo   Alvaro   Alvin   Amari   Ameer   Amir   Amos   Anakin   Anders   Anderson   Andre   Andres   Andrew   Andy   Angel   Angelo   Anson   Anthony   Anton   Antonio   Apollo   Archer   Ares   Ari   Arian   Ariel   Arjun   Arlo   Armando   Armani   Aron   Arthur   Arturo   Aryan   Asa   Asher   Ashton   Atlas   Atticus   August   Augustine   Augustus   Austin   Avery   Avi   Axel   Axl   Axton   Ayaan   Ayan   Ayden   Aydin   Azariah  
See all 752 names

B: Barrett   Baylor   Beau   Beckett   Beckham   Ben   Benjamin   Bennett   Benson   Bentlee   Bentley   Benton   Billy   Bishop   Bjorn   Blaine   Blaise   Blake   Blaze   Bo   Bobby   Bodhi   Bodie   Boone   Boston   Bowen   Braden   Bradley   Brady   Brandon   Branson   Brantley   Braxton   Brayan   Brayden   Braydon   Braylen   Braylon   Brayson   Brecken   Brendan   Brenden   Brennan   Brentley   Brett   Brian   Briar   Bridger   Briggs   Brixton   Brock   Brodie   Brody   Bronson   Brooks   Bruce   Bruno   Bryan   Bryant   Bryce   Brycen   Brysen   Bryson   Byron  
See all 353 names

C: Cade   Caden   Caiden   Cain   Cairo   Caleb   Callan   Callen   Callum   Calvin   Camden   Camdyn   Cameron   Camilo   Camron   Canaan   Cannon   Carl   Carlos   Carmelo   Carson   Carter   Case   Casen   Casey   Cash   Cason   Caspian   Cassius   Castiel   Cayden   Cayson   Cedric   Cesar   Chad   Chaim   Chance   Chandler   Channing   Charles   Charlie   Chase   Chris   Christian   Christopher   Clark   Clay   Clayton   Clyde   Cody   Coen   Cohen   Colby   Cole   Coleman   Colin   Collin   Colson   Colt   Colten   Colton   Conner   Connor   Conor   Conrad   Cooper   Corbin   Corey   Cory   Craig   Crew   Cristian   Cristiano   Crosby   Cruz   Cullen   Curtis   Cyrus  
See all 373 names

D: Dakota   Dallas   Dalton   Damari   Damian   Damien   Damon   Dane   Dangelo   Daniel   Danny   Dante   Darian   Dariel   Dario   Darius   Darrell   Darren   Darwin   Dash   Davian   David   Davion   Davis   Dawson   Dax   Daxton   Dayton   Deacon   Dean   Deandre   Decker   Declan   Demetrius   Dennis   Denver   Derek   Derrick   Desmond   Devin   Devon   Dexter   Diego   Dilan   Dillon   Dimitri   Dominic   Dominick   Dominik   Dominique   Donald   Donovan   Dorian   Douglas   Drake   Draven   Drew   Duke   Duncan   Dustin   Dwayne   Dylan  
See all 472 names

E: Eason   Easton   Eddie   Eden   Edgar   Edison   Eduardo   Edward   Edwin   Eli   Elian   Elias   Eliezer   Elijah   Eliseo   Elisha   Elliot   Elliott   Ellis   Emanuel   Emerson   Emery   Emiliano   Emilio   Emmanuel   Emmet   Emmett   Emmitt   Emory   Enoch   Enrique   Enzo   Ephraim   Eric   Erick   Erik   Ernest   Ernesto   Esteban   Ethan   Eugene   Evan   Everett   Ezekiel   Ezequiel   Ezra  
See all 282 names

F: Fabian   Felipe   Felix   Fernando   Finley   Finn   Finnegan   Finnley   Fisher   Fletcher   Flynn   Ford   Forrest   Foster   Fox   Francis   Francisco   Franco   Frank   Frankie   Franklin   Frederick  
See all 114 names

G: Gabriel   Gael   Gage   Gannon   Garrett   Gary   Gatlin   Gavin   George   Gerald   Gerardo   Giancarlo   Gianluca   Gianni   Gibson   Gideon   Giovanni   Gordon   Grady   Graham   Grant   Graysen   Grayson   Gregory   Grey   Greysen   Greyson   Griffin   Guillermo   Gunnar   Gunner   Gustavo  
See all 190 names

H: Hamza   Hank   Harlan   Harley   Harold   Harper   Harrison   Harry   Harvey   Hassan   Hayden   Hayes   Heath   Hector   Hendrix   Henrik   Henry   Hezekiah   Holden   Houston   Howard   Hudson   Hugh   Hugo   Hunter   Huxley  
See all 218 names

I: Ian   Ibrahim   Ignacio   Iker   Ira   Isaac   Isaiah   Isaias   Ishaan   Ismael   Israel   Issac   Ivan   Izaiah  
See all 125 names

J: Jabari   Jace   Jack   Jackson   Jacob   Jacoby   Jad   Jaden   Jadiel   Jagger   Jaiden   Jaime   Jairo   Jake   Jakob   Jalen   Jamal   Jamari   James   Jameson   Jamie   Jamir   Jamison   Jared   Jase   Jasiah   Jason   Jasper   Javier   Javion   Javon   Jax   Jaxen   Jaxon   Jaxson   Jaxton   Jaxx   Jaxxon   Jay   Jayce   Jayceon   Jayden   Jaylen   Jayson   Jaziel   Jedidiah   Jefferson   Jeffery   Jeffrey   Jensen   Jeremiah   Jeremias   Jeremy   Jermaine   Jerome   Jerry   Jesse   Jessie   Jesus   Jett   Jimmy   Joaquin   Joe   Joel   Joey   Johan   John   Johnathan   Johnny   Jon   Jonah   Jonas   Jonathan   Jordan   Jordy   Jorge   Jose   Joseph   Joshua   Josiah   Josue   Jovanni   Joziah   Juan   Judah   Jude   Judson   Juelz   Julian   Julien   Julio   Julius   Junior   Justice   Justin  
See all 631 names

K: Kace   Kade   Kaden   Kai   Kaiden   Kairo   Kaiser   Kaison   Kaleb   Kalel   Kamari   Kamden   Kameron   Kamryn   Kane   Kannon   Kareem   Karson   Karter   Kase   Kasen   Kash   Kashton   Kason   Kayden   Kaysen   Kayson   Keagan   Keanu   Keaton   Keegan   Keenan   Keith   Kellan   Kellen   Kelvin   Kendall   Kendrick   Kenneth   Kenny   Kevin   Khalid   Khalil   Khari   Kian   Kieran   Killian   King   Kingsley   Kingston   Knox   Koa   Kobe   Koda   Kody   Kohen   Kole   Kolten   Kolton   Konnor   Korbin   Kristian   Kristopher   Kye   Kylan   Kyle   Kylen   Kyler   Kyng   Kyree   Kyrie   Kyson  
See all 650 names

L: Lachlan   Lamar   Lance   Landen   Landon   Landry   Landyn   Lane   Langston   Larry   Lawrence   Lawson   Layne   Layton   Leandro   Ledger   Lee   Legend   Leif   Leighton   Leland   Lennon   Lennox   Leo   Leon   Leonard   Leonardo   Leonel   Leonidas   Leroy   Levi   Lewis   Liam   Lincoln   Lionel   Lochlan   Logan   London   Lorenzo   Louie   Louis   Luca   Lucas   Lucca   Lucian   Luciano   Luis   Luka   Lukas   Luke   Lyle   Lyric  
See all 259 names

M: Mack   Madden   Maddox   Maddux   Magnus   Maison   Major   Makai   Malachi   Malakai   Malcolm   Malik   Manuel   Marc   Marcel   Marcelo   Marco   Marcos   Marcus   Mario   Mark   Markus   Marley   Marlon   Marshall   Martin   Marvin   Mason   Mateo   Mathew   Mathias   Matias   Matteo   Matthew   Matthias   Maurice   Mauricio   Maverick   Max   Maxim   Maximilian   Maximiliano   Maximo   Maximus   Maxton   Maxwell   Mayson   Mekhi   Melvin   Memphis   Merrick   Messiah   Micah   Michael   Micheal   Miguel   Mike   Milan   Miles   Miller   Milo   Misael   Mitchell   Mohamed   Mohammad   Mohammed   Moises   Morgan   Moses   Moshe   Muhammad   Musa   Mustafa   Myles  
See all 466 names

N: Nash   Nasir   Nathan   Nathanael   Nathaniel   Nehemiah   Neil   Nelson   Nicholas   Nickolas   Nico   Nicolas   Niko   Nikolai   Nikolas   Nixon   Noah   Noe   Noel   Nolan   Nova  
See all 212 names

O: Oakley   Odin   Oliver   Omar   Omari   Orion   Orlando   Oscar   Otis   Otto   Owen  
See all 126 names

P: Pablo   Parker   Patrick   Paul   Paxton   Payton   Pedro   Peter   Peyton   Philip   Phillip   Phoenix   Pierce   Porter   Preston   Prince   Princeton  
See all 114 names

Q: Quentin   Quincy   Quinn   Quinton  
See all 27 names

R: Rafael   Raiden   Ramiro   Ramon   Randall   Randy   Raphael   Rashad   Raul   Ray   Rayan   Rayden   Raylan   Raymond   Reagan   Reece   Reed   Reese   Reginald   Reid   Reign   Remington   Remy   Rene   Reuben   Rex   Rey   Reyansh   Rhett   Rhys   Ricardo   Richard   Ricky   Ridge   Riley   River   Robert   Roberto   Rocco   Rocky   Rodney   Rodrigo   Rogelio   Roger   Rohan   Roland   Roman   Romeo   Ronald   Ronan   Ronin   Ronnie   Rory   Rowan   Rowen   Roy   Royal   Royce   Ruben   Rudy   Russell   Ryan   Ryder   Ryker   Rylan   Ryland  
See all 407 names

S: Sage   Salvador   Salvatore   Sam   Samir   Samson   Samuel   Santana   Santiago   Santino   Santos   Saul   Sawyer   Scott   Seamus   Sean   Sebastian   Sergio   Seth   Shane   Shaun   Shawn   Shepard   Shepherd   Shiloh   Shmuel   Silas   Simeon   Simon   Sincere   Skylar   Skyler   Solomon   Sonny   Soren   Spencer   Stanley   Stefan   Stephen   Sterling   Stetson   Steven   Sullivan   Sutton   Sylas  
See all 386 names

T: Tadeo   Talon   Tanner   Tate   Tatum   Taylor   Terrance   Terrell   Terrence   Terry   Thaddeus   Thatcher   Theo   Theodore   Thiago   Thomas   Timothy   Titan   Titus   Tobias   Toby   Tomas   Tommy   Tony   Trace   Travis   Trent   Trenton   Trevor   Trey   Tripp   Tristan   Tristen   Tristian   Troy   Tucker   Ty   Tyler   Tyson  
See all 341 names

U: Ulises   Uriah   Uriel  
See all 26 names

V: Valentin   Valentino   Van   Vance   Vaughn   Vicente   Victor   Vihaan   Vincent   Vincenzo   Vivaan  
See all 79 names

W: Wade   Walker   Walter   Warren   Waylon   Wayne   Wells   Wesley   Wesson   Westin   Westley   Weston   Wilder   Will   William   Willie   Wilson   Winston   Wyatt  
See all 114 names

X: Xander   Xavier   Xzavier  
See all 23 names

Y: Yadiel   Yahir   Yahya   Yehuda   Yisroel   Yosef   Yousef   Yusuf  
See all 129 names

Z: Zachariah   Zachary   Zackary   Zahir   Zaid   Zaiden   Zain   Zaire   Zander   Zane   Zavier   Zayd   Zayden   Zayn   Zayne   Zechariah   Zeke   Zion   Zyaire  
See all 185 names

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