Happy Birthday GIFs with Male Names Starting with H

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218 boy names starting with the letter H in alphabetical order. Click on name to go to the GIFs page.

Haadi   Haakon   Habib   Haddon   Haden   Hades   Hadi   Hadley   Hadrian   Hagan   Hagen   Haidar   Haiden   Haider   Haidyn   Haitham   Hakan   Hakeem   Hakim   Hal   Hale   Halen   Halo   Halston   Hamad   Hamdan   Hamed   Hamid   Hamilton   Hamish   Hammad   Hampton   Hamza   Hamzah   Han   Hanad   Hani   Haniel   Hanish   Hank   Hanley   Hannibal   Hanniel   Hans   Hansel   Hansen   Hanson   Hao   Harbor   Hardy   Hari   Haris   Harlan   Harland   Harlee   Harlem   Harlen   Harley   Harlin   Harlon   Harlow   Harlyn   Harman   Harmon   Harold   Haroon   Haroun   Harper   Harris   Harrison   Harry   Hart   Hartley   Haru   Haruki   Harun   Haruto   Harvey   Hasan   Hasani   Hashem   Hashim   Hashir   Hasnain   Hassan   Hatcher   Hatim   Haven   Havoc   Hawk   Hawke   Hawken   Hawkin   Hawkins   Hawthorne   Hayato   Hayden   Haydin   Haydn   Haydon   Hayes   Haygen   Hayk   Hays   Haytham   Hayven   Hayze   Hayzen   Hazael   Haze   Hazel   Hazem   Hazen   Haziel   Heath   Heaven   Heber   Hector   Heinrich   Heitor   Helios   Helix   Henderson   Hendrick   Hendricks   Hendrik   Hendrix   Hendrixx   Hendryx   Henley   Henri   Henrick   Henrik   Henrique   Henrry   Henry   Henryk   Henson   Herbert   Hercules   Heriberto   Herman   Hermes   Hernan   Hero   Heron   Herschel   Hersh   Hershel   Hershy   Heru   Hesston   Heston   Hewitt   Hezekiah   Hilario   Hillel   Hilton   Hiram   Hiro   Hirving   Hisham   Hogan   Holden   Holdyn   Holland   Hollis   Hollister   Holston   Holt   Holten   Holton   Homer   Homero   Honor   Horace   Horacio   Horatio   Hosea   Houston   Howard   Howie   Hoyt   Hrihaan   Hubert   Huck   Huckleberry   Hudsen   Hudson   Hudsyn   Huey   Hugh   Hughes   Hugo   Humberto   Humza   Hunner   Hunter   Huntley   Hurley   Husayn   Hussain   Hussam   Hussein   Huston   Hutch   Hutchinson   Hutson   Hutton   Huxlee   Huxley   Huxton   Huy   Huzaifa   Hyatt   Hyde   Hykeem   Hyrum  

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