5 New Designs of Happy Birthday GIFs with Personalized Names

Discover five new additions to our personalized with names happy birthday GIFs collection. Names featured are drawn from the 2022's Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names in the USA.

orange roses GIF for Olivia
New GIF featuring the name Olivia with a bouquet of orange roses on a dark backdrop, adorned with shimmering stars overlay and animated butterflies.

multicolor fireworks GIF for Emma
Birthday GIF for Emma showcases a celebration with multicolor fireworks illuminating the night sky, complemented by golden lettering

cute cat GIF for Charlotte
GIF for Charlotte presents a delightful scene with a cute anime white cat donning a rainbow birthday cap. A white creme cake adorned with strawberries and chocolate topping, complete with a lit candle, takes center stage. The background features animated multicolor stars, creating a festive atmosphere, complemented by rainbow lettering to convey heartfelt birthday wishes.

chocolate cake GIF for Amelia
Original GIF image for Amelia showcases a delectable chocolate cake adorned with a golden 'happy birthday' topper. An animated sparkler adds a touch of celebration, while star-shaped golden confetti creates a festive background, making it a perfect and delightful virtual greeting.

pink roses GIF for Sophia
New animation for Sophia features a charming bouquet of pink roses against a pristine white backdrop. Glitter adds a touch of sparkle, and animated live butterflies flutter around, creating a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere.

orange roses GIF for Isabella
Personalized birthday GIF for Isabella features a vibrant bouquet of orange roses against a dark backdrop. Shimmering stars overlay the scene, and animated butterflies add a whimsical touch to the celebration.

multicolor fireworks GIF for Ava
Birthday GIF for Ava showcases a festive celebration with multicolored fireworks illuminating the night sky, complemented by golden lettering for a joyous birthday wish.

cute cat GIF for Mia
Cute cosmic cat with a birthday cake for Mia surrounded by a shimmering array of rainbow stars

chocolate cake GIF for Evelyn
Celebrate Evelyn's birthday with a GIF featuring chocolate cake, a lit sparkler, and golden stars

pink roses GIF for Luna
Birthday wishes to Luna with a charming GIF featuring pink roses, butterflies and golden quote

// Author: Andrei Balashov
Published: January 20, 2024

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