Happy Easter GIFs - April 20, 2025

Download Happy Easter 2025 (Sunday, April 20) animated GIFs and share with your loved ones.
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Easter bunny with a small basket, painted  eggs and words: happy Easter 2024.
Wishing You A Happy Easter 2025

Painted Easter egg wreath, happy easter typography in the middle.
New Colorful Happy Easter Animated Greeting Card

Dancing painted Easter egg character with a smiley face.
Funny Dancing Easter Egg

Happy Easter card with a bunny, painted easter eggs and text.
Cute Bunny Happy Easter Day GIF

A busket filled with easter eggs, happy easter lettering and glitter effect.
[New] Amazing Colorful Happy Easter 2025 GIF Image Free

Painted Easter eggs, daisies, grass, spring flowers and greeting lettering.
Wishing you a joyous Easter filled with love, hope, and blessings

Happy Easter typography and bunny ears.
Cutest animated Happy Easter lettering and bunny silhouette gif

Photo of a toy bunny sitting near a wooden box, painted eggs and happy easter writing.
Happy Easter 2025 Animated Greeting Card (GIF Image)

Watercolor floral wreath with easter eggs in front on blue background and original typography.
Watercolor floral wreath with happy Easter lettering

A chick, painted eggs, pink tulits and the words: Happy Easter on the blue background with glitter.
Pastel Color Easter GIF with Cute Chick, Eggs and Tulips

Smiley faces drawn on easter eggs.
May your heart be light and your spirits bright as you celebrate this special day with loved ones

Egg shaped pink flowers wreath and the text: Happy Easter to you and family.
Pink flowers animated egg shaped wreath and text: Happy Easter to you and family

Green watering can, decorated easter eggs, yellow tulips and animated firewirks.
Tulips in a Watering Can and Beautiful Painted Eggs - Happy Easter GIF

Two chicks, a painted easter egg and flowers greeting card.
Two chicks admire a painted Easter egg surrounded by vibrant flowers in a joyful GIF

Chick, bunny and egg shaped cookies in a basket Easter greeting card.
Bunny, chick and egg shaped cookies in a wicker basket and glitter effect

Wicker basket with colorful easter eggs on a yellow background and glitter effect.
Easter is a reminder of God's promise of new life (GIF)

Easter bunny, eggs, wicker basket and glitter on a blue backdrop.
Happy Easter Day Lettering GIF with Bunny and Eggs

Wicker basket decorated with red bow and filled with painted easter eggs, daisies, animated butterfly Easter greeting card.
A basket full of painted easter eggs and daisies on a yellow background

Greeting card with a white easter bunny and eggs.
Cute Bunny and Easter Eggs Happy Easter GIF

White spring flowers and easter eggs card.
Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter bunny, colorful painted eggs, animated sticker.
Wishing you a joyful and blessed Easter filled with happiness and colorful celebrations!

Easter bunny, painted eggs, colorful flowers.
Adorable Easter bunny, vibrant painted eggs, and lovely flowers

A bunny with painted eggs surrounded by spring flowers and words: easter is coming.
Easter is coming! Get ready for joyous celebrations and colorful festivities.

Wooden bucket with easter eggs and flowers, animated butterflies and glitter.
A wooden bucket filled with vibrant Easter eggs and surrounded by beautiful spring flowers

Willow wreath against a pastel gradient background with glitter and decorative text: Happy Easter.
[New] Happy Easter Card - March 20, 2025

easter bunny wreath and animated lettering
May your day be filled with joy, love, and the blessings of new beginnings

A chick in a basket, easter eggs, butterflies.
Easter is approaching! Prepare for the joyous arrival of springtime and vibrant celebrations.

Watercolor red flowers wreath and the text: I Am The Resurrection And The Life.
I Am The Resurrection And The Life

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